The Floral Heart Project was started by Kristina Libby as a way to commemorate those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. You can check out their website by visiting here.

This memorial in Chattanooga will serve as an outlet for all who have been affected as a way to express their grief and as a remembrance to those that have been lost.

The organization, Marked by Covid along with mayors, state legislators, and Members of Congress are taking action this March 1 as part of a coordinated call for an annual COVID-19 Memorial Day in remembrance of those we’ve lost. You can learn more about this effort by clicking here.

For our part in Chattanooga we will be building a floral heart on March that will be available to the public as a place to show support and to act as a visualization of those we have lost. We want all that have been affected to know that we care and that, as a community, we recognize and honor their loss and grief. 

You can find this Memorial on March 1-3 at the corner of 1428 Williams St at our new store.

At 7PM on March 1, we will be projecting “Heartbleed” on the side of the building. This digital installation uses a floral petal for every person who has died time to the date of their death. This digital timeline shows the enormity of those lost daily to COVID-19 in a visual living memorial.

For those wanting to volunteer, click here. For those wanting to donate, please venmo “Blumenwagen” and write in the description “Floral Heart Project” or “FHP”.

A big thanks to everyone who has reached out so far, we love our community and appreciate you so much.