Here are the TOP sellers in our store (besides flowers of course!) These make perfect gift items for yourself or loved ones and can be added on to flower delivery orders or ordered on their own. We carefully select and curate the brands we carry, and each small brand has their own story. We love that we get to support other small businesses and get to bring these lovely products to Chattanooga!

Olivine Atelier Perfume

Favorites: Wolf Moon, Dragon Moon, Sugar Moon, and Blue Moon

Every time we place an order with this company, it arrives, and we always have to turn around and place another order immediately. Our staff and customers LOVE these scents, and because it’s a roll-on oil, they last a very long time which makes them a great deal for their price point. Follow them here: Olivine Atelier.

Margot Elena – TokyoMilk Dark

Favorites: Black Widow, Bulletproof, Everything & Nothing

A tried and true brand for our store, we have carried Margot Elena products since our store first opened and they continue to be a crowd favorite. The Dark line is a favorite and the scents are unisex.

Margot Elena – TokyoMilk

Favorites: Dead Sexy, Honey & the Moon, Make Me Blush

Their original scent line and a definite favorite in the shop. Follow them here: Margot Elena

Natty Naturals

Favorites: Leave-in Conditioner, Nourishing Shampoo

A local company that focus on natural hair & skin products, their Leave-in Conditioner is one of our bestsellers. For a personal favorite, don’t sleep on the Kijani Beauty Balm, it’s one of the best facial moisturizers I have ever encountered! Follow them here: Natty Naturals


Favorites: Baba Yaga (by A LOT, this is genuinely a store cult favorite), Lilith, Circe, The Devil, Moon Song

Another brand that we just can’t seem to keep on the shelves! We always have a list of people to message when Baba Yaga comes in, but they also have some other great scents too. Lilith is one of our team’s favorites! Follow them here: Goddexx

A Violet Note by Joli Jardin

Our own candle line, A Violet Note, released the scent Black Rose last year and was a top seller from our candle section. We are sold out now, but there may be a new candle announced in a couple of months…

Rifle Paper

Favorites: High Peaks of Adirondacks, Jardin de Paris

Notebooks, cards, candles, calendars….Rifle Paper’s illustrations, packaging, and scents are hard to rival. We love carrying them in our shop and they make very beautiful gifts. Follow them here: Rifle Paper.

High Garden Tea

Favorites: Flower Garden, Overworked, TN Honeysuckle, Wildly Healthy

Another local brand that we ADORE. High Garden Tea is high quality and we couldn’t imagine not carrying them in our store. We also highly recommend following them on social media. Leah is so knowledgeable and she is such a good resource for foraging and using local plants on a daily basis. She is incredibly passionate about her craft and it shows in their products. Follow them here: High Garden Tea.

Dreamy Moons

Favorites: Year of Growth Planner(Black and Teal), Daily Planner, Tarot Cards

These ridiculously gorgeous planners come all the way from Australia and sell quickly when we get them in. We also get a large amount of orders from all over the country as we are one of the few stockists in America for the brand. If you love a written planner and being intentional with your day, you will truly love these. They also have tarot cards, and the art work is very beautiful. 10/10 highly recommend. Follow them here: Dreamy Moons.

Amber Rae Studio

Favorites: Floral Snakes and Crescent Moons

A local artist who makes beautiful clay jewelry. Her style is often referred to as “Whimsigoth” and we couldn’t agree more. She incorporates a lot of items from nature: bugs, animals, plants, skulls, flowers, and more to create stunning jewelry. Follow them here: Amber Rae Studio

Ferris Wheel Press

Favorites: Fountain Pens, ink

This Canadian brand is so stunning and unique. The tips of the fountain pens are engraved with beautiful carvings and they have every color ink you can think of. A truly thoughtful gift for writers and those that enjoy written planners. Follow them here: Ferris Wheel Press.

Thank you for supporting our business, and in turn, supporting all of these other small businesses. We all truly appreciate it.