February has been crazy! We are working up a storm to bring you the best options for flowers and gifts for Valentine’s Day with delivery and pick-up options in Chattanooga. We have also partnered up with other local vendors like Cocoa Asante and Noogarons to offer you locally made chocolate and macarons! The best of both worlds in my opinion. Preorders will CLOSE on February 10th, do don’t wait! Here are some of the choices available:

Flower Options:

Number one flower option is our traditional rose option. Pictured is a mix of red, pink and white! We also do bouquets with a focus of red, pink, white, purple, orange, or yellow roses. You can also order “Mixed Colors” or even our “Designer’s Choice!”. Click here for more info!

Number two flower option is our ‘Certified American Grown’ bouquet. For those hunting for sustainable flowers for Valentine’s Day – we will be offering a limited number of Certified American Grown flower bouquets sourced from several different farms here in the US. These will be full of eucalyptus, tulips, irises, ranunculus, statice and/or stock. This bouquet is perfect for the person who doesn’t like traditional rose bouquets and values the source of their flowers. These bouquets are limited and once they are out – we are out! These will be lovingly wrapped in a vase and if being delivered, it will be in a clear vase with the flowers in wrapping as well.Pictured are our Certified American Grown bouquets from last year, they will differ every year and the irises, tulips, ranunculus and/or anemones bloom out beautifully in the bouquets!

Number 3 option (and in very limited quantities), is our February Bouquet of the Month: “Blossom”. She is pink and cheery and full of fun flowers that differ from our other options. The arrangement features pink gerbera daisies in various shades, cremon and cushion chrysanthemums, stock, waxflower, huckleberry greens, vintage carnations and/or other white and pink ranging flowers.

Sweet Options:

Our first sweet option, and a crowd FAVORITE, is our breakable chocolate hearts by Chattanooga local Cocoa Asante! This stunning dark chocolate heart has a bright red color and elegant design, and your loved one will be sure to appreciate this delightfully delicious treat that truly melts in your mouth. Plus, our clear packaging allows you to appreciate the gorgeous red heart before it’s opened.

This package comes with a wooden hammer that you use to break open the heart. Inside you’ll find a card that you can write a personalized note in, a flavor guide, and an exquisite box of bonbons showcasing flavors such as Boozy Almond, Midnight Cherry, and Symphony Tea.

Our second sweet option, also from Cocoa Asante, is the Winter Variety bon bons! Includes flavors: Boozy Almond infused with Tennessee’s own Uncle Nearest (an award-winning 1884 small batch whiskey), Midnight Cherry with luscious cherry pate de fruit infused with sorghum molasses from family-owned Muddy Pond Sorghum farm in Tennessee, and Symphony Tea which features a colloboration with Symphony of leaves, a black and women-owned ethical team company! Click to read more about each flavor profile.

Our third sweet option, yet again from the beloved Cocoa Asante, and my personal favorite, is the Dark Chocolate bon bons! Crafted with 54% cacao, these exquisite chocolate treats feature a velvety dark chocolate ganache center surrounded by a smooth dark chocolate shell. Enjoy the subtle, not-too-bitter flavor and let it take you away to a world of pure bliss.

Our fourth sweet option, macarons crafted by local Noogarons! We offer 5 packs, 10 packs, and 15 packs! Flavors this year include: Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Lemon Passion Fruit, Hazelnut Chocolate, Raspberry White Chocolate, Creme Brulee. These are always a crowd favorite! Click here to learn more.

And our fifth and last sweet option for Valentine’s Day are these amazing chocolate bars from OM NOM Chocolates! Created by two friends in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2013, Omnom is led by passionate chef Kjartan Gíslason and entrepreneur Óskar Þórðarson. Omnom produces small-batch, “bean-to-bar” chocolate, using the finest cacao beans sourced worldwide. We carry 5 different bars total. And if you know anyone who is an immense coffee lover, we carry their Coffee + Milk bar, which is chocolate free and absolutely divine!

Thank you for reading along and we hope everyone has just the Valentine’ Day they were hoping for!