I wanted to take a second to talk about our “mini” farmers here at Joli Jardin. Each of them help in their own special way and we love encouraging our children to be outdoors and to appreciate nature. Currently we are homeschooling our kids, so a majority of our school days are actually spent outside!

Meet Jette Monroe: Age 6, Favorite color: pink

Favorite flower: celosia (brainflower!)

Favorite place to travel: Mexico

Meet Vesper Lily, Age: 18 months, Favorite show: Darkwing Duck

Favorite word: daggle

Favorite animal: dogs

Meet Rowan, Age: 9 months, Favorite baby food: banblubblab (banana, blueberry, blackberry mixture)

Favorite activity: Playing in the dog water bowl

Favorite pats: Erin pats

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