Leave In Conditioner Sweet Orange 16oz


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What it Does: Our hydrating Moist, infused with Ayurvedic herbs, is beneficial for helping to repair dry, damaged and over-processed hair. Our Moist can also be used to hydrate and soothe dry skin.

Featured Ingredient: Cupuacu Butter

Type: Hair Conditioner and Moisturizer. For: All Hair Types of Children and Adults

SHELF LIFE: 6 months

CONSISTENCY: Since our Natty Moist is formulated to be used as a rinse out and leave-in conditioner, the consistency will be slightly thin. This helps with an easier application as well as to prevent product buildup that can occur with multiple uses of products of a heavier consistency. The thinner consistency is also what makes this a product used on very diverse textured hair types.


Aloe Vera, Distilled water, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Guar, *Jojoba Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, Irish Moss, *Marshmallow Root, *Castor Oil, BTMS, Cetearyl Alcohol, *Tamanu Oil, Ootanga Oil, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar infused with, *Brahmi, *Calendula, *Hibiscus, *Lavender,