Kijani Beauty Balm 2oz


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WHAT IT IS: (ADJ) An amazingly smooth and penetrating blend of organic and wildcrafted oils, butters, and extracts that aid in clearing and improving skin for a healthier facial atmosphere. 22 Active Ingredients. 100% whole plant-based / 100% organic ingredients


*Aids in preventing and destroying acne-causing bacteria

*Aids in deep penetrating nutrition for oily skin to balance excessive oil production with oils high in linoleic acid

*Aids in protecting against free radical damage

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

HOW TO ENJOY: Kijani can be enjoyed a couple of ways.

As a Cleansing Balm, using the Dry Oil Cleansing method, emulsify a dime-sized or little more of balm into fingers and massage into skin as you would a cleanser, loosening dirt, makeup, and excessive oils. Wipe thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. Repeat if needed. (Dry cleansing aids in removing oils and dirt more effectively without the addition of water.)

As a Beauty Balm, after cleansing and misting with our Rose + Hibiscus Toner Mist, with cle