Darkwolf Alchemy Midnight Sky Candle


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Our premium etched candles glow from the inside when lit,providing a truly unique ambiance. These 10oz candles come in each of our three original scents.  

Scent Profiles

Midnight Sky: evergreen and smoke

Smells like: fragrant evergreen, smoked cedarwood, leather  

Our Midnight Sky blend is a dark, rich scent that evokes a crisp stroll on a moonlit eve. Soothing notes of juniper and suede mingle perfectly with an intensely earthy and smoky aura that is as serene and enchanting as the night sky itself.  

Burn time: approximately 60 hours This 10 oz (284 g) hand-poured premium candle contains a lead-free cotton wick and phthalate-free essential fragrance oils. Hand-poured in Chattanooga, Tennessee