Cedar Lime Beard and Scalp Serum


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A deeply hydrating hair treatment, this is perfect for scratchy beards and irritated facial skin, dry hair and parched scalps. Beautifully blended oils deliver the nutrients skin needs and penetrate hair, resulting in shiny and soft locks!

Our serum is packaged in 1oz glass bottles, with a glass dropper. To use, massage a few drops into the hair, being sure to massage the scalp or face and leave on 1 hour to 1 day, and then wash out. You’ll be left with silky, healthy hair and nourished skin!

Cedar Lime is an uplifting and grounding aromatherapy blend of lemongrass, pine, and fir.

Ingredients: Argon, hazelnut, and jojoba oils. Essential Oil Blend, love. VEGAN.

2oz glass bottle