Herbal Hand & Body Balm


3 oz. Batch 001. CBD Infused. Herbal Scented.

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Batch 001

After many tests, this is our first commercial batch of our CBD infused herbal hand & body balms.  All of our products are small batch and available in limited quantities. We will re-run our favorites, but with each product, you will know exactly from which batch your product originates from!

In a 3 oz container, this tin is our biggest offering for our hand and body balms. With notes of comfrey leaf, calendula, burdock root, yarrow flowers and other herbs, this product is enriched with aloe vera oil and vitamin E to provide a calm & moisturizing balm. Perfect to leave by your kitchen sink.

Our body care line includes all organic herbs and our own CBD grown right here on the farm! We are very proud of this product and can’t wait to share it with you.

This product was created to satisfy our own needs as farmers who are pretty rough on our hands, and now we are passing on some of our favorite products.